Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), Matacryl ® WS and Matacryl ® WPM are high technology seamless liquid waterproofing solutions that offer superior wear resistance for bridges and roads. Providing a tenacious bond to concrete and steel surfaces, they are available in a variety of primers to suit each exposure. With low equipment needs and reduced application times between coats and layers, a Matacryl application will typically take place overnight and facilitates almost immediate use of applied highway.

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Plug Joints

As part of our highway maintenance, we also repair asphaltic plug joints and provide new plug joint installations for use on bridge deck highways. Our new product, TechFlush unit (patent pending) also facilitates the flushing of buried drains via a new plug joint either as a retrofit option or a new installation at maintenance service points of highways. Height adjustable, it can accommodate a variety of mountings and types of buried drains while providing a watertight unit.

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Manhole Replacement

Our highway maintenance also includes manhole replacement and repair by the application of the Matacryl Ready Rep Irontec system. Approved by the BBA, it provides a long lasting Ironwork replacement solution that is cold applied, currently being used by Highways England, Connect Plus (M25) and Transport for London.

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Techjoint is a leading specialist in highways repair and Bridgedeck waterproofing solutions.

As an approved applicator of Matacryl, we provide a quick, durable, cost effective liquid waterproofing solutions that provide seamless protection to concrete and steel surfaces as well as highway maintenance to include manhole replacement and asphaltic plug joints repair and installation.