Matacryl WS

BBA Logo_thumbMatacryl WPMMatacryl ® WS is an a high technology seamless liquid waterproofing and wearing system for bridges and roads.


The benefits of using a Matacryl WS application:

  • A Manual and spray applicable membrane that is available in both hand and spray applied grades.
  • Reduced application time between coats and layers so rapid installation and handover to client/user
  • A variety of primers are possible to suit each exposure
  • Low equipment and plant requirements when compared to conventional asphalt/ HRA applications
  • Chemical inert and does not require Hazmat precautions when disposing of.
  • Quick rain resistance. Setting and curing times may be adjusted to suit ambient and site conditions
  • Limited manpower is required and significantly less labour intensive than conventional HRA/asphalt applications.
  • Cold applied so does not require heating or conditioning