Bridge Deck Waterproofing

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Matacryl ® WS and Matacryl ® WPM are high technology seamless liquid waterproofing solutions that offer superior wear resistance for bridges and roads.  Rapidly installed due to no heating or conditioning required and fast setting and curing times provide quick rain resistance and facilitates almost immediate use.

Both approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) in conjunction with the Highways Agency (HA), these waterproofing solutions are non absorbent and impermeable and provide a tenacious bond to concrete and steel surfaces.  Cold applied Matacryl WS and WPM are available in a variety of primers to suit each exposure with very few limitations for installation at varying temperatures.

With low equipment needs and reduced application times between coats and layers, a Matacryl application will typically take place overnight and facilitates almost immediate use of applied highway.

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View / download the BBA Certificate for Matacryl (pdf).